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Copy an existing review file May 9, 2006

Posted by Mia in Create Lists.
  1. Select an empty review file
  2. Choose COPY
  3. Scroll through the window until you find the name of the existing review file you wish to COPY to "empty"
  4. Click to continue (do it!)
  5. Unfortunately you get brought back to the empty directory list; so choose from the drop down menu "All" or "Completed"
  6. Now look for the filename that you were copying (#3 above)
  7. The COPY will be an exact copy in all respects (including creator and date of the original file), except that today's date is placed in parentheses following the existing file name, e.g.  Media kits (08-05-2006).
  8. Use Rename to give the newly copied file your INITIALS: followed by a distinctive file name.