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Getting prepared for ERM May 31, 2006

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

Began to chart out what is necessary to get ERM module up and running. I see 3 Phases

Phase 1. Setting up the Fixed/variable field definitions for Resource, License and Contact records. Who should code/maintain the license and contact records; workflow for new and existing titles. This is the easy phase.

Phase 2. Then determining how to handle the Holdings records (formerly Checkin records); getting intimate with MARC21 format for holdings, etc. Whether to implement MFHD, and if so, for serials, for monographs, or for both. How to handle retro stuff, serials Lib Has 850 fields, links, etc. Very messy and technical phase.

Phase 3. Finally, merging Coverage Load (along with Webbridge coverage load) and pouring the data into the fields, and having the magic begin in the WebPac. Fun phase.

Well, that's what it looks like to me today; but I reserve the right to change my mind at any point along the way!