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Nailing down ISSNs for ERM June 21, 2006

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

Everything needs a number.  Without a number, you're an orphan, and nobody likes those.  Well, it's not a matter of not liking them, but rather, not linking them. 

Now, say instead of having no number, you have two of them.  Different ones.  Maybe even three. Well, there now.  Instead of an orphan, now what do you have?  Maybe a parent.  Maybe a group.  Maybe just a few mistakes, a few bogus codes, a typo.  

I've not been following e-issn developments closely, but I'll have to make that detour soon.  We don't put the e-issn into the 776 field of our records as far as I'm aware, but then again, I haven't checked that closely, either.  Suffice to say it's not standard to have it in the 022.  That might be a rub, but it might not be. 

Thank goodness for global update.