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Webpubdef let loose September 14, 2006

Posted by Mia in CLUES/WebPAC, Collections.

There was a surd in the CLUES universe today around mid-afternoon. It lasted about, oh, perhaps a minute or less. By the time you refreshed your screens, it was probably gone. It was there just long enough to make you do a double-take. So in case you were wondering, no, you didn’t imagine it.

During that time, the “LOCATION” header area of the item window was momentarily replaced by the heading “BARCODE”. And where the actual locations normally appear (like Webster 4th floor) were (here it comes) Barcode numbers. At least it was logical, even if it wasn’t actually comprehensible!

Well, if we are to make any progress with this webpub.def beast, it will have to be tamed. That means it has to be let out of its cage for a few seconds every now and then.

It’s wild and wooly out there.