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Sharepoint workspaces set up September 18, 2006

Posted by Mia in CLUES/WebPAC, ERM Module.

I’ve now put together some Sharepoint collaborative workspaces. Sharepoint is the piece of software which is supported by the Systems office and integrates nicely with Outlook contacts list and calendar features. Its groupware, allowing a virtual workspace for sharing documents, uploading files, and so on.

I intend to use Sharepoint as an integral part of my new “Got Communication?” model. I’ve provided a brief orientation for team members who will be using it internally, so that we can manage our tasks, meetings, and documents we’re working on collectively.

The feedback is positive so far. Hopefully it will be an effective tool to use over time.

For getting information out to colleagues and staff, that is also part of this new communication model, and will be coming online shortly.