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Risky business November 14, 2006

Posted by Mia in CLUES/WebPAC, Uncategorized.

I’m results-oriented and also impatient. Not a good combination necessarily, but there you are.

Without taking any risks, no truly interesting things can be achieved. In that spirit, a different kind of communication model is envisioned. One which is more lightweight, more flexible, less constrained. Less conventional? Certainly. Possible to accomplish? The jury is still out.

If it needs a label, I suppose it could be called a collaborative model; but then it might be assumed to have some 2.0 gimmicky aspect to it. Nope. Just plain old collaboration, using a current toolbox.

The major components (drill down; but feel free to read up from the bottom if preferred):

Tier 3: a blog to disseminate infobits to staff in timely fashion. Not intended as a document repository or archive of everything. Its purpose is to be timely, so nitty-gritty detail has to be sparse.

Tier 2: a shared workspace using Sharepoint. To facilitate the group’s work. Tasks are assigned, w/target dates and descriptions, priorities. Everyone can edit/add/remove/modify. Shared documents (e.g. reports) can be uploaded/viewed/modified. Images (e.g. screenshots) can be uploaded, shared, discussed. Its a shared work space. Each member of the group is empowered/responsible to see what stages things are at, and to update/edit accordingly. Completed tasks are logged. Desiderata items are added. Links to relevant materials and/or sites are added in their own section. Etc. etc. etc.

Tier 1: interactive face to face dynamics. Otherwise known as, and commonly referred to, as meetings. Big projection screen and computers are involved. Problems are viewed live, problem areas probed, examples viewed, paths to pursue are tasked and itemized using the collaborative tools. So, its a working meeting.

Ground floor: The manifestation itself. The application. It consists of an organic, breathing, repository of decisions (if there can be such a thing, to which I declare: yes, there can). The implemented results of the discussions occuring in the first tier; which in turn result in the work done in the second tier. And communicated out in the third tier.

Well, those are the main components I envision.

Nonetheless, fine tuning is required. Probably have to install a mezzanine or loge, quite possibly a balcony. As long as the model can remain adroit. My starting premise was: lightweight, flexible, less constrained.

I see that I’ve broken my rule about keeping entries short, and not getting blogged [sic] down. But I think it may be definitely worth it, occasionally.