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Bibs and Orders December 2, 2006

Posted by Mia in Collections.

Some very good work done in the last two days building a new load table for importing bibs and orders.  It’s a first.  My last batch of test records loaded without any errors, and all the desired fields came through.

The local load table will download MARC records, along with corresponding fund number and other data fields taken from the vendor’s database (Coutts OASIS, at the moment).  At the point of downloading, order records will be automagically created along with the bibs, and the appropriate fields will be populated.

Re-engineering the workflow won’t be a trivial task, but it will have to done.  Once we turn our attention to Blackwell, we have to have an ordering workflow that works at a generic level.

The EDI piece will still be required, but first things first.