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Ticklers misbehaving March 14, 2007

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

Well we’re having some tickler events of the wrong sort lately. Things were working very smoothly with the models we set up, and then something went awry.

Basically one model we’ve come up with is using the resource-specific tickler, Resource Management Tickler (which we will call RMT1) to alert various people to take actions. RMT1 is set up at the time the resource record is created, and it sends an alert at the specified time to others in the chain, to do certain things.

So basically RMT1 is the tickler which starts the “trial” process.

At the same time we also create RMT2. This second tickler goes off at the end of the process. It sends alerts to staff who need to take certain actions at the end of the trial.

Maybe you’ve received one if you have requested a trial of an e-resource lately.

At any rate, everything was working nicely until both ticklers started to get generated at the same time, for some unknown reason. III is looking into it.

Well, here’s to working out the kinks!