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ERM sharepoint finally moved April 6, 2007

Posted by Mia in ERM Module, Uncategorized.

Finished moving the ERM sharepoint group to its new site. Now both WebPAC and ERM are done.
Few things worked the same after the sharepoint software “upgrade”. I even had to choose a new site theme entirely, since the old theme was no longer available. (I like the new one better, though).

At least I was able to rebuild the links sites, put a Shared Documents area together, add Announcements and Alerts, and get the home page to stop messing up. (MS software is just not my favorite — totally overengineered).

I still can’t get stats yet for either ERM or WebPAC sharepoint areas, but I hope that will come together eventually.

The saving grace in all this upgrading is that there is RSS feed and wiki capability (…like I have time for that, too!)