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Ah yes, dual records June 21, 2007

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

Single versus dual bib records is really a false dichotomy.  We could, and do, have multiple records.  Multiple parts of multiple records.  Things are cobbled together from all over the place; it isn’t a monolithic thing.

There are many current mechanisms available to assemble the component blocks of data required.  And we need to contintually invent new ones as we go along.
What matters in the final analysis is how to present the information to the user in a way that is meaningful, useful, clear, and suggestive.

Suggestive, because information seeking is iterative.  One pivots, pulls back, lurches ahead, and re-positions oneself in the information space depending on what is found/seen at any one time.  Bates called it berry-picking.
Stop thinking the flat, paper-based, print way of thinking when you’re in the information space.  Stop replicating paper on the screen.
Start using the other dimensions that are literally accessible to you right there at the tips of your fingers.