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Marc-ing time July 26, 2007

Posted by Mia in Uncategorized.

I grew up in Cataloguing, after all, and cut my teeth on marc, so I should be guilty of being overly fond of marc records.  But our current notion of a ‘full record’, as synonomous with marc and designed by AACR, is on its way out.  Marc will be, and has already been, xml-ized into component pieces.  

LIS data displays are starting to be pulled together from different sources and reassembled to form a composite.  Very shortly, people will be able to customize and personalize their views of the data in ways that are more meaningful to them as individuals. 

There will be plenty of other things other than marc components in those views: there will be qualified and unqualified dublin core, OAI harvested data, Flickr tags, ONIX, EAD, MODS, and many other things which are being invented by lots of very smart people this very minute