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Coutts and Serials Solutions load tables September 5, 2007

Posted by Mia in cataloguing, Collections, ERM Module.

The Coutts load profile table that I’ve put together uses Coutts OASIS data to build individual MARC records and automatically populates an attached order record for each title. That means that the order info (fund, selector’s name, etc.) flows into an order record in CLUES without requiring staff to create orders and/or key in those fields. Populating attached orders meant quite a bit of painstaking work and testing, but things are starting to work quite well there and I’m understanding the process quite well, all told.

Now that we’re near to signing off on that, I have graduated myself from building bib+order tables to building a load table for the Serials Solutions MARC records.

The Serials Solutions load profile will involve mapping the title fields to the local journal title index and other goodies. It will also be handling many thousands of records, so it has to be done right.

Fortunately there is no need to map/attach checkins at this stage, since ERM will automagically create checkins on the way in.

Lots of testing ahead.