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Inching closer to ERM September 21, 2007

Posted by Mia in Collections, ERM Module.

We’re putting the final touches on the MARC record specs to send to Serials Solutions. Serials Solutions then sends us back a file of bibs for every journal in all our our e-resources that we’ve purchased.

Once those 20,000+ bibs are loaded, then the corresponding coverage data for all those journal titles gets poured in over top, and the links are generated automagically.

For some short period of time there will be in the neighborhood of an estimated 4500 duplicate records while our currently “merged” records get “unmerged” — inotherwords, we will uncouple e-versions from the print records.

We’re moving from the “single record” to the “dual record” approach– that is, electronic and print versions are getting divorced, and will sit side by side in the browse displays.  And our displays will be much cleaner than we have currently.

Not to mention that the coverage will be up-to-date, and oddities like the 4,000-odd Ebsco records, which we previously had no way of maintaining, will now be tamed! Looking forward to that.