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Data validation October 12, 2007

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

Without some kind of data validation at the outset, you’re likely to get very messy data, very quickly. In the wild and wooly world of building ERM records, this is becoming oh-so-clear.

By contrast, when creating a MARC record (which ERM records are not) there are validation routines built into the software, so that if a marc code is wrongly tagged, you are likely to get an error, or a visual cue that something ! needs further attention.

This is not the case with ERM. There are no standards for the thing calling itself a “resource record“.

Since there is no standard data format, it’s basically open season. Which is ok, but the general idea is to force conformity upon otherwise loose components so that at least there is reliable predictable behavior in the end.

Yet another aspect of this project implementation — must be good preparation for something!