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ERM resource type insights November 15, 2007

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

There has been a breakthrough with some conceptual difficulties with the ERM setup!

One area that has been problematic has been how to tie the Resource Types in the .e records down in such a way as to maintain pliability further down the road.

Not that we have to solve every anticipated problem in one felled swoop (though that would be nice!) But now it seems that the dust is finally settling on this issue. Thank goodness for prototyping.

I’m very much a roll-up-my-sleeves, hands-on person, which is why prototyping is so important for me. It makes something intangible concrete, and makes it easier to visualize relationships between things.

Plus, prototyping gives me lots of opportunities to change my mind. I like to think of that as staying flexible… 🙂