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Into the wild blue FRBR December 5, 2007

Posted by Mia in cataloguing, FRBR, Frontiers.

1) The draft of the final LC Working Group on future of bib control report is out for comments (by Dec.15); the webcast is also available. I’m working through the draft, and listened to part of the webcast; want to get through the rest of it.

2) Ditch FRBR? Ditch RDA? kc summarizes. As far as FRBR being untested, has nobody bothered to check out Kent Fitch and friends downunder, and their implementation at LibraryLabs?? That has been running for perhaps two years now. The Australians have done tremendous work to put FRBR into action. What about OCLC Worldcat editions and identities?

3) Embrace Martha Yee’s stab at a new set of cataloguing rules? She has succeeded in pushing the envelope single-handedly, though I’m sure there will be plenty of debate. I do share one of her main contentions: how to render the information so that humans (aka cataloguers) can understand how to apply them. It simply isn’t sufficient to have only a handful of technically-savvy professionals make pronouncements.

4) FRBR done up as Topic Maps? There are some experiments underway.

Oh yes, I didn’t mention the discussions on ngc4lib, Autocat, FRBR blog, etc. Consider the pot vigorously stirred! We seem to be gaining momentum. I’d like to have a go at Martha’s rules.