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Embargo info, or lack of April 16, 2008

Posted by Mia in Collections, ERM Module.

It’s the embargo wildebeest!! It isn’t that I’m such a nut for precision, but really, this whole thing is so flaky it’s absolutely unreal.

First, the publisher communicates to a provider that such and such a title is embargoed for a certain period. That information first has to be sent to Serials Solutions by the provider (e.g. Ebsco, for the titles in ASP). That process has to happen for every title. Multiply by every provider.

Just reflect on that for a moment …

Then there is the Serials Solutions cut-off date, which means that whatever publishers or aggregators havent transmitted the info to SerSol, or if SerSol hasn’t gotten to it, will miss out on that production cycle iteration.

Next, it has to be massaged by Serials Solutions for each customer — that takes place over a duration of about a week to 10 days.

After that, the files are transmitted, only once a month, to all the libraries who are customers.

Now we get into all the local glitches, throughput processes, and bottlenecks.

Do we actually think this works?