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Best practices for shareable metadata July 11, 2008

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A priori principle for shareable metadata: there has to be some data in order to share the metadata.  It’s a necessary prerequisite (seems exceedingly odd to have to belabour that).

If material is not classified, you can’t share/extract/expose the classification of that material. The material won’t be included in views that may be developed elsewhere for classed structures for similar types of material.

If no one assigns subjects, subject descriptors or terms, whether controlled or uncontrolled, there is nothing to share/extract/expose there, either. No topic maps or subject browse, for instance.

In turn, your data, or rather users of your data, won’t be able to benefit from the newer models that are emerging for linked data (e.g., SKOS, VIAF, and other web services).

Best practice for shareable metadata?

Practice value-added data in the first place.



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