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Name variations abound in ERM August 21, 2008

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

There is an absolutely ridiculous number of focal points that have to remain in synch for any one ERM resource:

  • provider name at Serials Solutions, also generates the A-Z list;
  • the provider name that actually appears in the coverage spreadsheet (it’s a timing thing; and possibly a ‘customized’ name thing)
  • Coverage Edit name [a pox on anyone who edits a name change here]
  • coverage conversion rules, if you’ve configured special handling for a provider name there
  • the ResourceID in the .e record (humans can edit that field too)
  • ResourceID in the corresponding checkins (just because you have a softlink to the correct .e record, doesn’t mean the ResourceID name will be linking up)
  • corresponding Webbridge Resource name
  • and quite possibly some other place that has escaped my attention
  • oh yes, then there’s the fact that Serials Solutions has a monthly update cycle, so things can get really out of whack in the interim.

I’m shaking my head at the sheer absurdity of it.