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Custom load tables for e-books December 10, 2008

Posted by Mia in cataloguing, Circulation, CLUES/WebPAC, Collections.

A while back I graduated myself to building custom load tables for e-books that automagically create and populate a checkin record on the way in.   This replaces our older method of attaching item records for e-book bibs.  When you thnk about it, item records are essential for tracking discrete physical items, and don’t have much utility for a virtual resource.  That’s not to say that item records don’t still play a role for tracking certain kinds of information, but their use as a component of the presentation layer is what needed to be re-examined.

The custom load table takes the 856 info which is resident in the bib, and maps it to a checkin record for display in the WebPAC.  Thus, no 856 link remains as part of the bib, but rather is transmuted into a checkin record with a linking field.  Checkin records can be associated with resources in ERM, and can be made to act in a smarter fashion than item records

We now employ this model — that is, to automatically generate a checkin record, rather than an item record — when we load bib records for e-books (loosely termed), and it seems to be working out pretty nicely.  We’ve used this method for sets of records for things like the Canadian Publishers Collection, as well as EEBO and will use it for ECO records as well.