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ERM coverage load wiki on sharepoint March 28, 2009

Posted by Mia in ERM Module.

On our ERM sharepoint site, I created a wiki section a while back with details for each of the monthly coverage loads: dates, number of adds/changes/deletes, bib record spans — kind of a lazy log. I set up template entries months in advance and just whack the numbers in (copy/paste) when that month rolls around. The wiki pages are just a central place where others can check to see where we are at in the monthly load process, but no one other than me actually uses it. But at least I don’t have to worry about backing anything up, losing my place, etc.

The log is helpful because there can be lots of interruptions when getting through all the steps of the load, which involve these general processes:

  • retrieve the files
  • load ADD records, using custom local loader
  • Append these new ADD records to a cumulative review file of SerSol records (keeps a nice running total)
  • load CHANGED records using separate custom local loader
  • load the DELETES (changes byte in marc leader to “d”)
  • Make copy of Deletes (saved as excel file) for staff to do manual checking of titles for what I like to call old “hand-forged” records in order to delete those as well
  • Upload deletes spreadsheet to directory on ERM sharepoint site
  • Now Delete the DELETES (ie., purge the “d” records)
  • Modify the Spreadsheet (add embargo column, move embargo dates, check for anomalies; add new embargo rules)
  • Modify coverage conversion rules if required
  • Now do catalogue & coverage load
  • Check out post-processing problems.

Then I send out an announcement that the load is done.

Nope, nothing automatic about any of it.