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Upgrade mania June 6, 2009

Posted by Mia in Uncategorized.

This past week has been a total zoo, working on 3 major upgrade projects at the same time:

  • Release 2007 (top most priority). We were poised one year ago last June to do this upgrade but missed our window of opportunity. It’s time now, since Release 2009 has just been announced.
  • Patron database – mega change at the end of June — IITS is plugging the plug on one of the systems the library interfaces with, so this is going to change the way we fetch patron records. It was about time for a change there! So we’ve reconceptualized the whole operation and it’s going to be much better.
  • Serials Solutions records upgrade is also going on simultaneously. This will give us briefs with stable identifiers and rolls them into the same update process. This meant going over all the specs once more (groan, a terrible exercise) but it’s also nearing completion.

Now I’m going to hit send and post this to libtools using the new wordpress ’email to blog post’ thingee to check it out.