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Upgrade survivor June 19, 2009

Posted by Mia in Circulation, CLUES/WebPAC, Collections.

The system software upgrade to Rel. 2007 zipped along on Monday and was somewhat smoother than anticipated! By Wednesday, we were discovering new capabilities that could be quickly integrated into normal routines – so all told, pleasantly surprised at the relative ease, compared with the last upgrade.

By mid-week I was able to turn back to the Serials Solutions record reload. It was an opportunity to tweak the custom load specs and the results are looking pretty solid now. There is still an outstanding question about why the incoming marc data from SerSol has reorganized multiple occurrences of the same tag, but I anticipate that SerSol will be able to address that. I want to get the reload done early next week and be done with it. I want to move onto the coverage load, which could be tricky now that we’re on the new Release and things work a bit differently there.

As far as the SIS email patron load goes, those specs also need another check next week and more testing, but I think they’re in good shape. That switch is one that is sensitive in terms of the timing of the sequences, but we have flexibility there to do as many requests for updates as required.