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FRSAD July 12, 2009

Posted by Mia in FRBR, FRSAD, FRSAR.

I’m making my way through the FRSAD draft (Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data), and now I’m starting to wonder about where and how genre terms will fit into the grand scheme of things. FRSAR only deals with ‘aboutness’, which excludes genre/form.  Maxwell has pointed out that genre is a mix of FRBR Group 3 entities, Concepts and Objects (the other two Group 3 entities being Place and Event.

RDA’s Section 7 on Subject Relationships, Section 10 on Recording Relationships between Concepts, Objects, Events and Places, and Appendix L (relationship designators for Group 3 entities)  have not yet made an appearance.

The term ‘genre’ doesn’t appear in the 144-page FRBR draft.  We need to look to 4.2.2 for Attributes of Works “Form of work”:

The form of work is the class to which the work belongs (e.g., novel, play, poem,
essay, biography, symphony, concerto, sonata, map, drawing, painting,
photograph, etc.).

In the section on Group 3 entities, in 3.2.7 Concept we find the following [emphasis mine]:

The entity defined as concept encompasses a comprehensive range of abstractions
that may be the subject of a work:  fields of knowledge, disciplines, schools of
thought (philosophies, religions, political ideologies, etc.), theories, processes,
techniques, practices, etc….

…For the purposes of this study concepts are treated as entities only to the extent
that they are the subject of a work
(e.g., as the subject of a philosophical treatise,
of a critique of a school of thought, etc.).

But the genre or form is not the subject of a work; it is not what the work is about.  Of course, it is possible for a genre to be the subject of a work, and when it is, the term becomes a topical heading since it qualifies as ‘aboutness’.

Ok, I think I’m starting to get a sense of this.