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New article model November 22, 2009

Posted by Mia in Frontiers, Uncategorized.

Back a few months, Elsevier and Cell prototyped two different scenarios for a project called the article of the future.

It was was recently announced that the November 12th issue of Cell would be viewed using Reflect, an interface which was developed by a research team in Germany and which won Elsevier’s Grand Challenge 2009.  This is an effort to solicit feedback from the scientific community about what works when viewing articles online, and depending on the success of the project, may result in a different interface for Elsevier’s life sciences journals down the road.

An interesting dimension is that I wonder when it is that the reader (but reader is too passive a term for this experience — perhaps we merely say scientist or researcher) determines when the article has been read, i.e., when does one stop clicking? At what point is one satisfied that the ‘article’ has been read?  A similar phenomenon can be experienced today when one reads (in the more traditional sense) an article studded with links, but these protoypes push far beyond that. It will be interesting to watch things develop here.