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Cool your jets. Get a prop. April 17, 2010

Posted by Mia in Frontiers, Uncategorized.

Quite a few folks have blogged about finding the ipad too heavy to use as a dedicated reading device.

All I can say is thank god I still have my 7-volume Random House Vintage paper edition (ca 1970) of Remembrance of Things Past — because you know that 3-volume Vintage boxed set of Proust? Way too heavy to hold one of those volumes in one hand and read it comfortably while you’re standing up.  In fact — and quite possibly I’m alone in this —  I often actually have to go so far as to prop a book up against something else when I’m reading it.

Like that delicious paper edition of Hollick’s Harold the King that I recently finished.  And just take a look at the juicy heft of Wolf Hall perched on top of my latest stack – can’t wait to dig into that.

Will I read these on an ipad?  Probably never.  My dedicated reading device for literature will almost certainly remain the paperback.

But I do many other kinds of reading.  Checking news.  Journal subscriptions. Various feeds.  Email.  Email with attachments!  How about reading a recipe while I’m doing the cooking? Can I look up a buttermilk substitution on the fly?

For all of that and so much more, I’m looking forward to getting in on the ipad revolution.