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Redefining PDAs April 27, 2010

Posted by Mia in Uncategorized.

Some time back, I off-handedly offered an alternative definition for the abbreviation PDA, (i.e., Personal Digital Assistants.)

What about breathing new life into the meaning of PDA, I suggested? What if a PDA didn’t refer to a device, but a person? 

What if instead we hijacked that term and changed it to mean Professional Digital Assistance — otherwise known as the kind of work carried out by librarians?

My suggestion was not particularly well-received in that room at the time, to say the least.  Plenty of bristling by my colleagues, lots of looking-down-of-noses, posturing. 

I believe that we have to seek ways to expose, reveal, unfold, redirect, and insert library services into the users’ experience.  This includes trying out new terms or expressions that users might find more appealing, or at least, minimally less intimidating. 

Too bad.  Yet another missed opportunity to engage in some creativity, to collectively brainstorm new solutions. 

And even for some to maybe just peek outside the box.