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Links grow up June 11, 2010

Posted by Mia in Uncategorized.

The delinkification debate heated up recently with Carr on Rough Type last week, and it is continuing in many places (e.g., salon.com, Nieman lab, etc).  Lots of folks (Shirky, etc.) are weighing in on the debate if linking makes us stoopid [sic] or more intelligent.    I am intrigued by the comment threads.

Breaking News: If you want to read something in a sustained, thoughtful manner, less distractions is better. (Did we really need new studies to prove that we perform poorer the more we multitask?)

Even if many of the links are useful (sources of data, for example, whose existence I am not aware exist, as in normal scholarly footnotes etc.), I don’t like having to break my train of thought, and get up and leave — virtually speaking — to chase a link.  I want to chase references on my own terms, not on yours.

And I can actually copy/paste a term into my search bar myself without needing your link to Wikipedia for that term, thank you very much. (See?)

I also might not be able to easily find my way back to what I had been reading once I’ve linked out, because — as we all know– things just keep branching out.  It knows no end.  Linking continues to expand. The loci spread further and further out.

But maybe, just maybe, the novelty of linkification is wearing off; and we can move along to the next stage. (Mercifully, there is no entry for delinkification in Wikipedia.  But it’s early yet…)