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Book covers August 5, 2010

Posted by Mia in CLUES/WebPAC.

I loathe that ISBNs for ebooks do not link through Syndetics to an associated ebook cover. 

Here’s an example of a title: British on the Costa del sol which has no less than 4 ISBNs in the associated marc record. Hop over to MyiLibrary, there is a nice cover display, seemingly associated with these ISBNs which display at MyiLibrary:

MIL EAN/ISBN: 9786610109357
Pub e-EAN/ISBN: 9780203495407

Back in the marc record, I do have the first  13-digit ISBN, not the second.

i 020     9786610109357  –>> EAN MyILibrary ISBN
i 020     |z1841420476 (Paper)
i 020     |z1841420484 (Cloth)
i 020     |z0203495403 (electronic bk.)

Syndetics matches on the lead ISBN, so whatever ISBN is in that position gets picked up. 
Now, if my lead ISBN remains  9786610109357 (which is apparently the MyiLibrary EAN), there will be no cover display through Syndetics.

By shunting the other 202’s into the lead position, there will be different results from Syndetics:

  • 13-digit MyiL ISBN:  No hit at Syndetics.
  • 10-digit electronic book ISBN retrieves a hit at syndetics with a 2 sentence summary. There is no cover.  There is no TOC.
  • cloth ISBN retrieves a hit at syndetics with a different cover, a different summary, and a TOC. 
  • paper ISBN retrieves a hit at Syndetics whose cover matches the MyiLibrary edition.  There is a TOC, plus a summary.

Finally, though I didn’t have the 13-digit PUB EAN ISBN in my marc record, I add it in for fun, and check Syndetics. 

The 13-digit PUB EAN seems to match the 10-digit electronic book ISBN: I get a hit with the two-sentence summary which lacks a cover and lacks the TOCs.

A book cover, is an essential part of a book, electronic or otherwise. We should be knocking ourselves out in order to display it.  If we can’t make a match, we should display one of its other edition covers, explaining that we’ve done so (like Amazon).