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Post-traumatic RDA testing implementation disorder June 21, 2011

Posted by Mia in Uncategorized.

The eagerly awaited announcement concerning whether or not the primary test sites (LC/NAL/NLM) would proceed with RDA Implementation is out in the form of an executive summary:

Executive Summary: Report and Recommendations of the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee (June 13, 2011).

This announcement is a thinly disguised non-implementation decision, since RDA would not be adopted anytime before 2013. The executive summary manages to state flat out that there is no sound reason [aka the “business case”] to adopt RDA.

In Facebook years, 2013 is light-years away. A May 13, 2011 announcement concerning the transition away from MARC — which is the real business case — has already emerged.

These two announcements have started to apply a steady but constant pressure on the library world, allowing some necessary lead time for reality to continue to sink in. By the time it does, and vendors are offering spiffy, sexy, replacement products and services, some decisions will just painlessly make themselves.