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Time Machine sent me back in Time…to Firefox July 12, 2011

Posted by Mia in Frontiers.

Wooot After first backing up everything with our new Time Machine setup, and then upgrading my older PowerPC Mac to Mac OS 10.5.8, I discovered that a current version of Firefox is not supported!

So I travelled back in time and downloaded an earlier version of Firefox which is supported on PP Macs — 3.6.19  — and imported my familiar Firefox bookmarks. [Breathes sigh of relief].  You know how it is when your browser bookmarks are messed up or missing…

This should now hold me over until I get a totally new setup for my aging PowerPC Mac (which I love).  This is my “other” desktop computer — but now I’ve decided to replace it with a large monitor and bluetooth keyboard, and spring for a MacBook Air which will do double-duty as the processor.  The new MacBook Air is very nice, light, and I need something serious to replace my Mac Powerbook (which feels like I’m lugging a brick around).

After that, an iPad will complete the picture.  Next year when my Rogers iPhone contract is up, I’ll move to the newer iPhone.

It’s Planet Apple over here.   Always has been!