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Excitement in the academy February 2, 2012

Posted by Mia in Frontiers, Repositories, Uncategorized.

The twitterverse is abuzz with news about boycotting Elsevier journals and refusing to participate in reviewing, submitting papers to, or serving on editorial boards. The counter continues to tick away on thecostofknowledge.com as more academics and researchers sign up.

It will be interesting to watch what kind of effect this will have on academic publishing; things do seem to be getting noisier. However, Harnad points out in his comments to the Economist piece that 34,000 researchers signed onto a similar type of threat in 2000 — without any significant shift to depositing their research in institutional repositories (thus making it freely available).



1. harnad - February 2, 2012

The PLoS Boycott Letter of 2000, signed by 34,000:


Mia - February 3, 2012

Great; thanks for the link.

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