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Statistics Canada consultation June 14, 2012

Posted by Mia in Frontiers.

Interested in data? How about data from StatsCan? I’m doing my small part in spreading the word about the Statistics Canada public consultation which has the following laudable goals:

The main objective of the project’s consultations is to determine how Statistics Canada can provide easier access to its data and products by obtaining and developing recommendations on the following:

  • Improving navigation and organization of its website content;
  • Presenting wide-ranging information in a simplified, consistent and coherent manner; and
  • Delivering data and products in machine-readable output formats.

Here’s your chance to let Statistics Canada know your thoughts by participating in their online survey:

The online survey questionnaire consists of a balanced set of open and closed questions and allows participants to provide comments and constructive feedback. Individuals wishing to participate in the online consultation can complete the online questionnaire.

Help spread the word…