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Agenda for the future July 7, 2012

Posted by Mia in Frontiers, Uncategorized.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to encourage ourselves to continue to develop and to engage in some creative risk-taking, and a model started forming in my mind.

Issue periodic call to staff to volunteer some ‘dreaming in technicolor’ ‘library of the future’ ideas. As long as the ideas have some vision/risk-taking component in them.

Submitted suggestions should be anonymous, and short, e.g., a few sentences in length. A team selects one or two suggestions that have potential and posts them to common area (e.g. staff wiki)

Staff are invited to submit proposals addressing these ideas. Some criteria could be established (e.g., page limit; pros/cons; provide cost/benefit of implementing, etc.)

If any proposals spawn any actions or result in steps to implement even partially, this information should be widely shared e.g., acknowledge the proposer(s) creativity and create a wiki space for the development of the activity.

The idea is to encourage staff to freely generate IDEAS.

Oh well. I’m probably dreaming in technicolor.