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Discoverability December 18, 2012

Posted by Mia in Frontiers, Uncategorized.

We’re embarking on a discovery layer project and looking at the few contenders out there in the marketplace.

I am not yet sold on building a pre-harvested index composed of all different types of indexing terminology and depth of granularity thrown in together. How reasonable it is to have something like, oh, I don’t know, say ninety or so different content types, so that you can filter your results?

The goalpost just moved.  Its easier to start your search and get some meaningful results, and that is very good.   

But to refine a search might mean you are now faced with an abundance of choice as to which content types to tick off as you are scrolling through the list of terms that you can check off.

We’re back to listing terms in an alphabetical sequence and asking users to (once again) browse through the terms to find ones that strike their fancy!

It’s no wonder relevancy ranking algorithms are closely guarded secrets.  Special sauce, indeed.

Oh, look, it’s snowing! Thank you, WordPress. It’s that time of year.