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Forget Big Brother March 9, 2013

Posted by Mia in Uncategorized.

We’re getting inundated with all this hype about Google Glasses.  How many people will be lining up to pay Google for the privilege of being volunteer recruits as walking-humanoid-google-streetview-cameras?  I’m no conspiracy theorist, but these GG things are hardly benign.  They’re the latest assault and invasion of personal space yet.

Plus, they so remind me of that Star Trek episode — you know, the one where everyone is wearing a game headset and getting addicted to sucking those creepy little funnels into the holes.  Until no one on the Enterprise is doing anything else but feed their addiction to this game.

The images and video alone that would be captured by these glasses and stored on google servers, along with geo coordinates, timestamps, and google image (face) recognition?

Not a Good Idea.