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Meta to the Fore October 23, 2014

Posted by Mia in Uncategorized.

I am missing some good old-fashioned skeuomorphism. Too much white and overuse of the right side of my brain. I want something which will appeal to my left hemisphere. That’s right, hemisphere — a spatial metaphor. Like those round things: GLOBES. And what ever happened to using color to assign mail filters? Folders? Labels?

Can we please please please texturize that two-dimensional space that we use as the flat reading plane? Like using some color, pattern, shape. Jony, bring some texture back.

Revisiting some of my previous thoughts on the subject:

‘Cut, copy, paste’ are essential editing functions which need no introduction or explanation.  They constitute a highly functional suite of concepts we take for granted.  They are also are based on a paper/scissors/glue metaphor which has enormous utility. These functions could of course be replaced by other, far wordier alternatives, but it’s hard at the moment to see how replacements would be as effective, or compact, or universally understood.

Shall we do away with these familiar editing metaphors because they are rooted in a physical or even print/paper world?  Hardly.  Metaphors grounded in the paper-based world are very handy indeed, and will continue to be, until they are no longer valuable conceptually.

Probably few of us have used any ‘paste’ since we left kindergarten.  So when we’re editing a document, we know that using paste isn’t really involved.  But the metaphor works.  It sticks.

It sticks like PASTE.