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Author IDs April 25, 2015

Posted by Mia in Frontiers.

I’ve been sidetracking on ORCID these days. I need to walk through — make that click through — any process I’m reading about. I’m impatient and pretty quickly I have to just stop and go off and use whatever the heck is being described. How else to learn?   Even if I don’t subsequently have to be able to demonstrate something to others, I do it for my own edification.

So in my ORCID explorations, a less than satisfactory experience (on the Scopus side of things) was linking up a SCOPUS Author Profile with the ORCID ID.  I just prefer a UX that has much sharper definition.  I like things to be overly obvious. Is that such a bad thing?   Please use more textures!   There’s almost no such thing as being too obvious.   Every interface comes with a plethora of assumptions that it is built upon, so I prefer it when at least  some of those assumptions are unpacked and flattened out in front of my eyes. thank you.

The custom QR generator is a neat little gadget and I generated one for my ID, and I do like the idea of customizing a nifty design and ordering a sheet of labels to accompany a presentation/handout.   

That’s at least one use case for a QR code.